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Custom Machining Services
Serving the Oil and Gas Industry

Service Machine & Supply is a full service machine shop with endless machining capabilities. We have the ability to provide services ranging from the latest CNC machining and turning technology, to large VTL, Horizontal, Boring, and Grinding capabilities. Our machine shop has the ability to react quickly and accurately to your needs whether it is close tolerance components or large machined assemblies.

cnc macnining

CNC Milling and Turning from Start to Finish

We operate multi-axis CNC Milling machines to accomplish precise, high-speed milling, drilling, tapping and turning; to machine surfaces that need precision, flat type work; and to perform small plate vertical machining. Our machining specialists utilize CAD/CAM software to visualize the finished part during design and instruct the milling machine how the part will be machined to ensure part quality and accuracy.

Serving the Oil and Gas Industry Worldwide

Service Machine & Supply's strength in the Oil & Gas Industry lies in the company's passion for new machining technology and long standing experience. These assets enable us to produce a high quality, cost-effective products on a timely basis. By running multiple shifts on our machines, we are able to obtain the highest level of efficiency.

Service Machine & Supply's is capable of building parts with precision tolerances, and the most intricate design for many custom oilfield solutions. Our company's highly skilled team will work with your engineers to help develop your product with maximum efficiency and within specification.

  • CNC Grinding
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Manual Machining
  • Manual Machining
  • Manual Turning
  • Sawing
  • Marking
  • Gun (Deep Hole) Drilling
  • Cylindar & Tube Honing
  • Testing Services
  • Much Much More!!!

api certifiedService Machine & Supply has been licensed by the American Petroleum Institute's (API) Monogram program to display the

Certificate of Authority to use the Official API Monogram.

The API Monogram Program serves as the oil and natural gas industry's benchmark for oilfield equipment and product service, safety and quality


Our Oilfield Manufacturing and Machining Equipment

oilfield manufacturing

Our machining offers a multitude of capabilities for prototype die and mold build. Our machines deliver power, speed and accuracy to any job with tool paths, tool geometry, fixturing data and locating parts all developed to ensure that set ups are quick and dimensions consistent. Our standard of precision reduces secondary work and avoids project delays.


  • Mazak M5-N Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 250-II MY Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 300 Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 350 Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus VTC 200B Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus VTC 16D Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus VTC 200C Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 510C-II Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 510C Turning Centers
  • El Dorado M60 Gun Drills
  • Foster 2530 Press
  • Acura 18x80 Lathes
  • Acura 22x90 Lathes
  • Acura 15x60 Lathes
  • Clausing 15x60 Lathe
  • HEM Cyclone-4 / H90-A
  • Sunnen HL-80
  • Sherr Tumico Comparator
  • MicTrac MT3000 Gagemaker
  • Sato Hardness Tester
  • Telesis Tmp 6100
  • Cad Control Pressture tester (20k psi)
  • Much Much More!!!