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Custom Manufacturing

Innovative Manufacturing and Fabrication, Serving Companies Around the Globe.

As a leader in the metal fabrication industry, Service Machine & Supply has the privilege of not only employing some of the most experienced technicians, but we have had the chance to constantly refine our processes in order to offer our customers precise, customizable and cost efficient metal fabrication services. Our commitment is to quality and our goal has been and will always be customer satisfaction.

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  • CAD Design Assistance
  • Prototype Producttion
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Painting and Coating
  • Shipping Worldwide
  • Much More...

API Q Certification

api certifiedService Machine & Supply has been licensed by the American Petroleum Institute's (API) Monogram program to display the Certificate of Authority to use the Official API Monogram. The API Monogram Program serves as the oil and natural gas industry's benchmark for oilfield equipment and product service, safety and quality

Serving the Oil and Gas Industry Worldwide

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50 Years of Industry Experience

Our strength in serving the oil and gas industry comes from our skills and experience, industry thought leadership, and a global network of fully dedicated partners and managers.

When you choose Service Machine & Supply, you can relax knowing that we really understand the Oil and Gas industry. Make the connection to Service Machine & Supply today.

Manufacturing Quality Oilfield Tools and Equipment

  • Downhole Tools
  • Wireline Tools
  • Oilfield Fishing Tools
  • Thru-Tubing Fishing Tools
  • Completion Tools
  • Wellhead Hangers
  • Custom Fab Tools
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Job Shop Manufacturing

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Quality Manufacturing NOW!

We are capable of expediting the manufacturing of tools, components, and assemblies using CNC turning, milling, multi-axis mill turning, Swiss screw machining and other processes. Using the highest CAD/CAM/CNC and manufacturing technologies we provide our customers with complete solutions, from design engineering and consulting to finished products. We can produce prototype to production long runs made out of virtually any steel, aluminum, brass, light alloys and plastics at the highest quality standards and with a quick turnaround.

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