Facility and Equipment

Our Oilfield Manufacturing and Machining Equipment

Service Machine & Supply, Inc. offers a multitude of capabilities for prototype builds. Our state-of-the-art machines deliver the power, precision and speed to tackle any oil and gas industry job, no matter how challenging or complex. We use industry-leading CNC technology with customizable tool paths, tool geometry, fixturing data and locating parts to ensure that set ups are quick, down times are minimum and dimensions remain consistent to the micrometer. Our unrivaled standard of precision reduces post-production work while avoiding project delays that can erode your oil and gas business’ efficiency and profits.


Our facility features the following equipment:

  • Mazak M5-N Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 250-II MY Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 300 Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 350 Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus VTC 200B Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus VTC 16D Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus VTC 200C Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 510C-II Turning Centers
  • Mazak Nexus 510C Turning Centers
  • El Dorado M60 Gun Drills
  • Foster 2530 Press
  • Acura 18×80 Lathes
  • Acura 22×90 Lathes
  • Acura 15×60 Lathes
  • TechniDrill BTA Gun Drilling System
  • HEM Cyclone-4 / H90-A
  • Sunnen HL-80
  • Sherr Tumico Comparator
  • MicTrac MT3000 Gagemaker
  • Sato Hardness Tester
  • Telesis Tmp 6100
  • Cad Control Pressture tester (20k psi)
  • Much Much More!!!

Equipment List

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