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Service Machine and Supply, Inc.

As a full service machining and fabrication company, Service Machine & Supply, Inc. recognizes the need for experience and craftsmanship in every machining and fabrication requirement that you may encounter. From the mundane to the exotic, from high pressure to high -temperatures, from cold climates to hot, Service Machine & Supply, Inc. has the knowledge and experience, we are ready to help. We manufacture quality oilfield equipment of all types, for any performance, economy & durability as well as specialty equipment that is matched to your need. There is no job too large or small and all manufacturing is done in our facility, including welding to painting.

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Custom Manufacturing Services

cnc machining

Servicing the Oil & Gas Industry Worldwide

A century of combined experience allows Service Machine and Supply to fully grasp the concept of your idea or engineering plans. With our state of the art facility, we are then able to take your idea and turn it into a profitable piece of quality equipment that you or your clients and rely on.

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Custom Machining Services

cnc drilling

Serivce Machine and Supply is a full service machine shop specializing in custom machining, repairing and fabricating for heavy equipment and heavy industry, including the Oil and Gas Industry machinie shop and fabrication services. In addition, we are able to provide hot job shop services for urgent needs.

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